Our sponsorship program is broken down into two areas

1- Sponsorship of events which enables Raising Wildflowers to come alongside other like minded organizations/persons and financially sponsor portions of the event. Such examples are adoption and fostercare conferences, training/education seminars or activities that focus on adoption, fostercare, trauma, attachment, mental health, self care, or specific to the unique needs many of our children face.

2- Sponsorship for schools in which Raising Wildflowers can financially assist a school staff or group of teachers/Education assistants to bring in a professional to train/speak about trauma, race, attachment, and behavioral needs.


Sponsorship program is subject to available funding. Though we would love to assist you all, spaces for this program can be limited. If you have an event you would like RW’s sponsorship for, or are interested in having us organize a professional to speak to your school’s staff please email us at raisingwildflowers@hotmail.com


Up Coming Sponsorship’s

  • A Child’s Song Adoption Conference. November 2017 with A Child’s Song Clinic
  • Basics of Natural Hair Care 2018 more info to come
  • Extensions & Afro Hair 2018 more info to come

Past Sponsorship’s

  • Adoptive & Foster parent Yoga & Hike Night with Namaste Hiking Co. July 2017
  • Talking to children about race and racism with A Child’s Song. September 2017



Scholarships enable the opportunity for parents, caregivers, social workers, teachers, and professionals to attend training on areas related to adoption and fostering.

Here at Raising Wildflowers we understand the best way for children to find true healing and make progress is when the child feel’s fully supported and understood by all adults in there life. The RW team want’s to make it easier for you to gain deeper insight into your child, student, and client. Our scholarship program was created to take the financial burden off your shoulders, so that you can learn the needed information to help the child reach success.

Scholarships are dependent on our available finances, and applications are posted when scholarships are open.  If you would like to learn more about this program please email raisingwildflowers@hotmail.com


Open & Up Coming Scholarships

Conference Scholarship Application for Thrive & Refresh Conferences  2018

Social worker  scholarship for Refresh will be available soon

Past Scholarships



Our grant program exists to provide adoptive families the opportunity to pursue/continue professional intervention. Counseling, OT, psychologist, therapies, and assessments. For many situations, it can be difficult to fully know a child’s struggles, history, or needs. There for some families after placement find themselves overwhelmed with significant behaviors, high needs, developmental delays, learning disabilities, and unstable emotions. Grants enable families to have their child/children assessed, try new therapies, or continue with interventions that have made the most progress so children can find healing and reach their full potential. Many parents pay for such intervention out of pocket thus costing anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to sometimes thousands a month.

Raising Wildflowers post adoption grants are awarded to Canadian families through an application process. Though we understand the need is great we are sometimes unable to assist all families in this way due to limited funds. If you would like to learn more about this program please email raisingwildflowers@hotmail.com


Up Coming Grants

  • Early 2018


Past Grants

  • G family 2017



How You Can Help



Check Back Soon

Lending Library

-Choose your items–Email raisingwildflowers@hotmail.com a list of your items and your location–Wait 1-4 business days on details to arrange payment and delivery/shipping—Receive your items, 30 day rental period begins—Send us back the items–

Items are available for rental period of 30 days. Depending on your location items can be shipped, delivered, or picked up. Shipping is additional.

Scroll down to see all items

Books $5 rental fee each. Shipping additional if needed

IMG_0196     IMG_0198      IMG_0200

IMG_0215     IMG_0213      IMG_0202

IMG_0221 (2)    IMG_0225   IMG_0223 (2)

IMG_0217 (2)   IMG_0219 (2)   IMG_0237

IMG_0236   IMG_0234  IMG_0235

IMG_0233  IMG_0242  IMG_0240

IMG_0238   IMG_0245   IMG_0244

IMG_0246    IMG_0241  IMG_0249 (2)



DVD’S $5 rental fee each. Shipping additional if needed

IMG_0247 (2)    Moment


Touch Point Buzzies $40 rental fee a set. Shipping additional if needed

Buzzies are currently being reviewed by our team and some of our RW families, they will be available to rent December 2017.  A blog post will soon be posted with more details on how Buzzies can assist your child or yourself with issues like focus/attention, calming, trauma, sleep, autism, and stress.

If you would like to be added to our wait list or would like information on how to purchase a set to keep please email raisingwildflowers@hotmail.com

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Sensory Items Surrey BC area only, $5-$15 rental fee’s.

Coming soon







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