Atamiskākēwak Gathering Recap

A couple months ago, the lovely ladies over at She Loves Magazine invited us to join them on a trip to Moose Jaw for the very first National Gathering, and we are so thankful they let us tag along. As our projects continue to grow here at Raising Wildflowers one piece we find ourselves becoming more […]


Sensory Jars DIY

    With school and our regular routine coming to an end as summer approaches it’s been noticeable that anxiety has been increasing with the kiddos. To help with meltdowns, bedtimes, and long road trips we headed to our local dollar store the other day and picked up supplies for sensory bottles.       […]


Barren To Motherhood

  J: Mommy you gonna get a baby in your tummy!? Before I even have a moment to answer big sis quickly whips her head around to respond M: Mom Cant grow babies in her tummy, dduuughhh that’s why they adopted us It’s in these moments I’m unexpectedly thrown back to another time, and as […]


Why Trauma & Attachment Informed Professionals Matter

In the world of adoption and foster-care we are all to familiar with busy schedules and taking kiddos off to what seems like endless appointments. From pediatricians, eye check ups, speech therapy, IPP meetings, counselling, to psychological assessments it seems were always on the go….but is our and the child’s time being wasted? What if […]


A Story Of Surviving To Thriving

I recently had the opportunity to speak at a local adoption event and wanted to share with the rest of you a little bit about my families story and how we’ve moved through some difficult seasons into ones of healing and progress.


Tips For Surviving Christmas

It’s that time of year again and if your parenting adopted/foster children, kids who have experienced trauma or have special needs, well your probably like us and living a little on edge this month. Christmas is suppose to be a magical time but for families like ours this season also brings with it a whole […]


The Buzz About Touch Points

ADHD, Parkinson’s, Stress, Autism, Sleep, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Attention and Focus are just some of the things Touch Point Solutions “Buzzies” have been shown to help with. Here at Raising Wildflowers we’ve also been seeing some amazing changes in children with trauma. So what exactly are touch points anyway? We like to refer to it […]


Thoughts On Teaching The Hurt Child

Today’s post was kindly written from a guest writer and child educator on her experience working with children who have been adopted or are in care. I have been working as a child educator for over 15 years. During these years I have had the opportunity to care and teach children with different abilities and […]


Back to School Ideas

Back to school can be a difficult time for children, especially for those who have suffered childhood trauma. The impending change in routine and schedule as well as increased time away from primary caregivers can be daunting. In addition, while the added routine and structure can be helpful, many of our children struggle with executive […]

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Working Through Attachment Issues

  Recently we gave you a peek into the life of parenting children with attachment issues check it out here Today we wanted to share with you some of the strategies we use in our homes that have helped our children make huge strides in working through their attachment disorders. Please note, every child’s past experiences […]